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Tailor made hypnotherapy in Nottingham


What makes Mindblocks different?

This is NOT scriptnosis!!

I do NOT rely on scriptnotherapy – I recognise that many clients have come to me as they are in some sort of pain; whether emotional or physical they are looking for help and deserve a personalised session as you are worth more than some scribbles in a therapist’s notebook.

Nobody wants to be asked week after week how they are feeling.

How do you think I feel ? and I don’t understand how asking a client to imagine walking through a grassy meadow or releasing their emotional blocks into a hot air balloon is healing long-term (unless it is using the havening/amygdala de-sentization approach) yet so many hypnotherapists (as I have experienced) rely on this approach for 4-5 sessions before really even getting into therapy for the client’s issue. This is not just a waste of energy, time and money; it is just something called dis-association and in my opinion can sometimes actually intensify someone’s issue which is extremely unpleasant having an anxiety, habit or phobia amplified etc. I aim from session one to address any fears and misconceptions about hypnosis as well as take my clients safely and happily into hypnosis.

It’s time to upgrade your software ?

When did you last update your phone? When did you last update your laptop? Probably within the last 2-3 months or whenever it prompts you to? Now when did you last update your mind?! An interesting fact about the mind is that it has no concept of space and time. Therefore, a root issue that occurred at the age of let’s say six years old is still very real to the mind despite that individual is actually now 39 years of age. The mind believes the root event it STILL current and is reliving the episode on a subconscious level as if it happened just yesterday. I would say that in 90% of cases the problems often started during the informative years as we are still operating with the scripts that our younger self learnt.

Up to the age of six years, our brain was functioning at a relatively slow brainwave (Theta) which is an incredibly receptive state. In this state everything and anything influenced our environment, from events to the significant and key authority figures around us. Deep below the threshold of our consciousness our mind was collecting this data and learning how best to “survive” and be allowed to fit in with our families and circumstances.

We must upgrade the subconscious programming using specific techniques which has a permanent and long lasting effect on resetting the neurology.

Ruthless Compassion – You can’t heal what you don’t feel.

Although hypnosis is more about reviewing than reliving, I believe it is paramount to unlock and release any supressed emotions. We are all guilty of keeping some things inside and pushing them down but it doesn’t help in the long run. We MUST rid ourselves of any trapped emotions before we can change the subconscious perception we originally attached to an event. I aim to make all clients feel safe, supported as we walk together through the process to gain the new knowledge and awareness the unconscious mind needs to finally let go.

Heals on wheels – I will come to you!

I am mindful that some people are unable to drive, uncomfortable not being in their own surroundings or in some cases not able to leave their house yet want a session in person. I therefore offer a special service where I will complete a hypnosis session for clients in their own home (in the presence of a family member present if it would make you feel happier?). I am aware of those who suffer from anxiety, PTSD and believe that everybody has a right to let hypnotherapy make a difference – after all you are all enough. To enquire about home visits please contact me via either this form or by emailing


Although I much prefer to see a client in person, I also offer sessions over Skype or Zoom for those in other English speaking countries and have had success with reducing pain, anxiety and psychosomatic issues even from the other side of the Atlantic!

Are you really ready?

If we are to work together and make a difference to your life then I only ask that it is your own choice. If someone has told you to seek help or break a habit and you are not doing it for yourself the results might show. Please be mindful of the below before you book a session.

Breaking habits – like smoking, drinking, shopping – on a scale of 1/10 with 10 being the high end of the quitometer where would you put yourself? If it is not a 9 or 10 then ask yourself why?

Weight loss release – Name something that you have “lost” in life which has been positive? Why do you want to release weight? Is it really for yourself? What is it that you truly want?

Pain Management – Pain is your bodies’ way of warning you that something isn’t quite right – please make sure that you have seeked medical advice before asking for a session on pain relief. If you have done this and require a session please ask for a doctor’s note or supply your doctor’s details so we can work together to reduce your pain.


Children – I love working with children, it appeals to the Dad in me! I use specific kid friendly techniques which aim to excite, encourage and appeal to their imagination. Children are one of the easiest clients to work with as they are highly suggestible and the subconscious mind usually absorbs new suggestions without too many blockers.



This whole experience with Adam has been challenging and completely eye opening. The experience identified that my anxiety was only a distraction from other things that I was not dealing with. It has made me see the world through new eyes and has made me deal with, and make peace with my past. Adam has supported me every step of the way. Although I still do feel anxious in some instances after the hypnotherapy, I now understand it more and can handle it effectively. I would 100% recommend this service. Adam adapts his technique to each individual and will stick with you for the whole of your journey. My advice would be to go into it open minded and to not expect your fear to be recovered instantly, it may identify other things that you did not expect.

Aimee from East Mids


I arranged an online session with Adam to address my anxiety – the session took a major change in direction which Adam insisted to allow to direct and despite having had a light frog in my throat/ grunting cough for over 40 years he concentrated on that and we went back to where it began, spoke to the younger me and I haven’t coughed since! I am still in shock and can’t believe it (which Adam tells me not to say so my mind continues to believe) oddly my anxiety has dramatically reduced too, I have been to the mall on my own which is something I haven’t done for years!! All this in the space of 1 hour and thousands of miles apart ….I am still lost for words and that is a first, I would have paid 10 times the amount for the freedom this has given me, I am planning to take the kids to the beach for the day soon, one step at a time.

Angela from Melbourne


I recently started to learn how to drive and had a bad experience at the beginning of my lessons that made me extremely nervous and was putting me on the verge of quitting all together. However, Adam managed to change my belief that driving was dangerous and get me to enjoy driving again. He was calm, compassionate and understanding of the fear. The environment was welcoming and he had a really great energy. After one session I felt more positive about driving but didn’t want to believe my nerves had gone until my next lesson. After that lesson it confirmed that my nerves had disappeared and now I’m now a more confident driver than ever before.

Sarah from East Mids


I first went to Adam with the problem with anxiety; I had tried a talk therapist, mindfulness apps, and even bought into so many things that would cure me. None of them worked until I contacted Adam and at first I was nervous not knowing about hypnosis, I thought he was going to make me be a goat! But Adam greeted me in a professional manner and made me feel at ease straight away and then went on to describe what was going to happen. Very quickly I felt more relaxed and he talked me through the next stages, and never once did I feel nervous. The hypnosis part was very relaxing and I felt as if I could just go to sleep (the chair is very comfortable!) but Adam kept me talking and soon enough he was giving me hypnotherapy. After the session I felt emotional but Adam assured me that a lot of things had come up and it was completely normal.

Lyndsay from East Mids



What have you got to lose?! Yet think what you could GAIN?

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