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HypNOtherapy Nottingham (an 175 review 5 star practise as of March 2022 at Campmindblocks

A refreshing (non traumatising) approach to PTSD, Complex -PTSD, (CPTSD) trauma and depression release! No need to relive, re-experience, or even talk about the event which can be re-triggering!

So firstly, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are two very different things!! Hypnotherapy is respectful of the mind and about problem solving whereas Hypnosis is more about the entertainment value which doesn’t have a place in the therapy room in my opinion. There will be no turning people into chickens or things of that nature!! We will however drink tea or coffee, sit with hot water bottles and eat chocolates. As per my reviews at Facebook (which has now passed 160)

We are born with just two fears, The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. We have other innate hardwired primal mechanisms but the main conscious two things is falling and loud noises.

This means if anything else bothers us then it has been acquired..

And if it has been acquired then it can be un-learned too. Hypnosis mobilises our inner wisdom and upgrades our existing belief system. My main focus is helping clients who have experienced trauma who may have PTSD, CPTSD (Complex PTSD), depression or anxiety. 

What is HypNOtherapy and how can it help me?

Think of a nightclub with a stubborn and firm bouncer stopping you from entering. 

Inside the nightclub contains all the people (beliefs) that have already crept inside – good and bad. We need to distract the bouncer so the door to the nightclub is temporarily open for us to go inside and eject any (person) belief in there which is related to an issue a client might be experiencing.

The bouncer represents the conscious mind and the nightclub the subconscious. Once inside this part of the mind, we need to locate the troublemaker (less than positive belief) and kick them out. Hypnosis does just that, it bypasses the critical factor and accesses the sub-conscious mind where our belief system lives and performs an upgrade using specific tools.

People have issues as the sub-conscious accepted a suggestion.

DON’T THINK ABOUT A PINK UNICORN COUGHING!! And what did you think about?…..!

This part of the mind is totally deductive – it believes everything you tell it and accepts without question. It explains why we believe things that we don’t want to, why we might be afraid of dogs, or just accept that we were born anxious or might always just not be quite good enough. The truth is there is a belief relating your issue that is hidden deep in the subconscious mind which has most likely been there since your childhood that is still preventing you from living a truly free life.

The mind is incredibly complex, we are either literal, metaphorical or holographic by nature and sometimes a headache, a cough, a habit or a strange symptom is a way of our unconscious mind trying to tell us something. I believe that certain things have a role and purpose and through hypnosis we can discover what the intention is no matter what the issue.

My role as a hypnotherapist is to be a detective, a surgeon as-well as a type of mind doctor

I piece the information like a detective

I extract the unwanted part like a surgeon

And I put back together and help like a type of doctor

What can Mindblocks HypNOtherapy help me with?

 soWII FM (what’s in it for me) Please do tune in and see how I can help you. If your issue isn’t listed below please contact me to discuss.

I mainly assist clients who have experienced trauma, whether emotional, physical or sexual which results in flashbacks, night mares, depression, anxiety and even ill health/dis-ease. My niche is area is freeing people from the chains of PTSD and Complex PTSD.

This list isn’t exhaustive or exclusive to what I can assist with as I have helped clients remove blocks associated with phobias, habits and food disorders too etc but the majority of my area of focus is trauma relief.

I enjoy an informal approach and working with my clients in a non disclosure way so my clients can release their trauma without even needing to re-experience or talk about it. This approach usually has an instant impact on symptoms like PTSS (PTSD), panic attacks and flashbacks. This technique is something which Paul McKenna has described as the most powerful therapy to be introduced within the last 25 years.

Mindblocks Nottingham HypNOtherapy works with blocks such as PTSD, CPTSD, anxiety, depression, which usually had an impact on our health, things like fibromyalgia tend to have an emotional cause as per some of my client reviews who no longer experience flares or pains.

  • Abuse – Any sort of abuse whether sexual, physical or mental is incredibly traumatic and requires a delicate and sensitive approach. My main area of expertise is PTSD and moving somebody from post traumatic to past traumatic
  • Anxiety Relief – It is not fun worrying about everything and waiting/almost expecting bad things – I have helped loads of people overcome and heavily reduce their anxiety
  • Depression Relief – To depress something usually means we have locked something inside. I believe all feelings are good and I have had great success helping clients cope better and eliminate the root of the depression if created by their nervous system.
  • Improving Confidence/Self-esteem – We are born with so much confidence, we are born lovable and expect to be the centre of attention. Every need was met in the womb and so we arrive on the planet with the same expectation. If we stand or say the word “Cat” people think we are a genius or when we do our first roll etc. Therefore any confidence or self-esteem issues have been acquired. We can eliminate this feeling/issue by finding out what caused it in the first place.
  • Stress/Burn-out – Over time we get pushed, we sometimes can hit rock bottom and we can react instead of respond. Through hypnosis we can usually identify why the client has accepted this belief and change the meaning they attached to the event.
  • Relaxation / Realignment – Sometimes we need to just take the edge off and without therapy and with no specific agenda let the mind, body and soul have a much needed rest and rejuvenation. I offer a unique session consisting of physical, mental and emotional relaxation which is unique and done just for you. I would describe this session as healing and calming.

You will run out of body parts long before your unconscious mind runs out of ideas for getting your attention” – Gerry Kein

* Disclaimer

Please note the appearance of the therapy room is subject to change as the summerhouse is at the bottom of a residential garden

Mindblocks HypNOtherapy would like to introduce you to the FullChange Programme

The Mindblocks Philosophy

I believe I have created a unique approach to each and every client’s hypnotherapy session. No two sessions are ever the same as I adapt and craft my skill to the individual as well as the severity of their issue. This approach helps me get better results.

Please check what my clients had to say about their experience by reading some  client testimonials

My personal thanks to – Gil Boyne, Cal Banyan, Gerry Kein, Roy Hunter, Jason Linett, Jevon Dangeli, Marisa Peer, Dave Elman, Sean Michael Andrews, Randal Churchill, David Snyder, Anthony & Freddy Jacquin, Mike Mandel, Rob McKinnon, Ron and Steve Ruden and Gabor Mate for influencing me and encouraging me to help others, which has given me strength, direction and purpose.



This whole experience with Adam has been challenging and completely eye opening. The experience identified that my anxiety was only a distraction from other things that I was not dealing with. It has made me see the world through new eyes and has made me deal with, and make peace with my past. Adam has supported me every step of the way. Although I still do feel anxious in some instances after the hypnotherapy, I now understand it more and can handle it effectively. I would 100% recommend this service. Adam adapts his technique to each individual and will stick with you for the whole of your journey. My advice would be to go into it open minded and to not expect your fear to be recovered instantly, it may identify other things that you did not expect.

Aimee from East Mids


I arranged an online session with Adam to address my anxiety – the session took a major change in direction which Adam insisted to allow to direct and despite having had a light frog in my throat/ grunting cough for over 40 years he concentrated on that and we went back to where it began, spoke to the younger me and I haven’t coughed since! I am still in shock and can’t believe it (which Adam tells me not to say so my mind continues to believe) oddly my anxiety has dramatically reduced too, I have been to the mall on my own which is something I haven’t done for years!! All this in the space of 1 hour and thousands of miles apart ….I am still lost for words and that is a first, I would have paid 10 times the amount for the freedom this has given me, I am planning to take the kids to the beach for the day soon, one step at a time.

Angela from Melbourne


I recently started to learn how to drive and had a bad experience at the beginning of my lessons that made me extremely nervous and was putting me on the verge of quitting all together. However, Adam managed to change my belief that driving was dangerous and get me to enjoy driving again. He was calm, compassionate and understanding of the fear. The environment was welcoming and he had a really great energy. After one session I felt more positive about driving but didn’t want to believe my nerves had gone until my next lesson. After that lesson it confirmed that my nerves had disappeared and now I’m now a more confident driver than ever before.

Sarah from East Mids


I first went to Adam with the problem with anxiety; I had tried a talk therapist, mindfulness apps, and even bought into so many things that would cure me. None of them worked until I contacted Adam and at first I was nervous not knowing about hypnosis, I thought he was going to make me be a goat! But Adam greeted me in a professional manner and made me feel at ease straight away and then went on to describe what was going to happen. Very quickly I felt more relaxed and he talked me through the next stages, and never once did I feel nervous. The hypnosis part was very relaxing and I felt as if I could just go to sleep (the chair is very comfortable!) but Adam kept me talking and soon enough he was giving me hypnotherapy. After the session I felt emotional but Adam assured me that a lot of things had come up and it was completely normal.

Lyndsay from East Mids



What have you got to lose?! Yet think what you could GAIN?

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