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There’s a variety of ways we can work together from intimate individual sessions and packages to events as well as my Mindblocks positivity workshop aimed at the corporate world.

Do you have something that you REALLY want to do but find yourself constantly doubting yourself, self-sabotaging or just don’t have a clue how to start and so don’t ever try to push yourself forward?

What is it that you truly want from life? Is it a change of career? Are you ready to attract Mr or Mrs Right? Do you wish you had better finances or do you just want to concentrate on your well-being and to feel more positive? I believe that we ALL have the skills and inner power to achieve anything we put our mind to which is why I offer life coaching to people who want change, are you looking for a new attitude and just don’t know how to achieve it ?

Then I would say my coaching is for you – well of course I would say that but I wouldn’t insult my own integrity, I only coach a certain number at a time as I truly do care. Coaching includes a weekly hour’s catch up by phone or online (by Skype or Zoom) Moreover, I offer daily advice by email and WhatsApp. I really connect with what is important to you and invest my energy, focus and time in developing you until the point you realise that you would need a telescope to look back at yourself. 

I quickly identify any of your blocks (such as beliefs and learned behaviours) and how we can overcome them or find a better way to do something which gives us a starting point and a decent plan of action. I enjoy working with you and moving in the direction where you want to go as well as changing any limited thinking and negativity along the way.

Coaching doesn’t mean that anybody is broken, it merely means that somebody just needs a little support. I pride myself on sharing my experiences, being that support network and changing a client’s perception to help them stay focussed, keeping them motivated and constantly feeling like they are making progress. Things are so much easier when they are broken down and sometimes it just takes “fresh eyes” to do that.

It does not have to be a long process to be powerful and the results and feedback from my coaching confirm that. I am delighted that I now coach some former clients and hope you will let me help you too.

As I have already said there is nothing more satisfying than hearing the words “I feel lighter”or“this is definitely helping”. Do feel free to check out the testimonials to see for yourself.

You can contact me to find out more about Mindblocks life coaching here

The Rules of the Mind

  • A simplified explanation of the mind and how it works
  • Why building rapport is so important and how it could be applied on a conscious and unconscious level when negotiating with suppliers and each other.
  • The importance in responding and not reacting
  • How to communicate better with each other
  • How there is no such thing as failure only feedback
  • If you would like to find out more about this course or wish to make a booking please contact me by emailing mindblockshypnotherapy@gmail.com



This whole experience with Adam has been challenging and completely eye opening. The experience identified that my anxiety was only a distraction from other things that I was not dealing with. It has made me see the world through new eyes and has made me deal with, and make peace with my past. Adam has supported me every step of the way. Although I still do feel anxious in some instances after the hypnotherapy, I now understand it more and can handle it effectively. I would 100% recommend this service. Adam adapts his technique to each individual and will stick with you for the whole of your journey. My advice would be to go into it open minded and to not expect your fear to be recovered instantly, it may identify other things that you did not expect.

Aimee from East Mids


I arranged an online session with Adam to address my anxiety – the session took a major change in direction which Adam insisted to allow to direct and despite having had a light frog in my throat/ grunting cough for over 40 years he concentrated on that and we went back to where it began, spoke to the younger me and I haven’t coughed since! I am still in shock and can’t believe it (which Adam tells me not to say so my mind continues to believe) oddly my anxiety has dramatically reduced too, I have been to the mall on my own which is something I haven’t done for years!! All this in the space of 1 hour and thousands of miles apart ….I am still lost for words and that is a first, I would have paid 10 times the amount for the freedom this has given me, I am planning to take the kids to the beach for the day soon, one step at a time.

Angela from Melbourne


I recently started to learn how to drive and had a bad experience at the beginning of my lessons that made me extremely nervous and was putting me on the verge of quitting all together. However, Adam managed to change my belief that driving was dangerous and get me to enjoy driving again. He was calm, compassionate and understanding of the fear. The environment was welcoming and he had a really great energy. After one session I felt more positive about driving but didn’t want to believe my nerves had gone until my next lesson. After that lesson it confirmed that my nerves had disappeared and now I’m now a more confident driver than ever before.

Sarah from East Mids


I first went to Adam with the problem with anxiety; I had tried a talk therapist, mindfulness apps, and even bought into so many things that would cure me. None of them worked until I contacted Adam and at first I was nervous not knowing about hypnosis, I thought he was going to make me be a goat! But Adam greeted me in a professional manner and made me feel at ease straight away and then went on to describe what was going to happen. Very quickly I felt more relaxed and he talked me through the next stages, and never once did I feel nervous. The hypnosis part was very relaxing and I felt as if I could just go to sleep (the chair is very comfortable!) but Adam kept me talking and soon enough he was giving me hypnotherapy. After the session I felt emotional but Adam assured me that a lot of things had come up and it was completely normal.

Lyndsay from East Mids



What have you got to lose?! Yet think what you could GAIN?

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